Yield building: Invest wisely derive long term benefit

Investing assets in yield building is an excellent way to diversify your portfolio. Yield properties allow a long-term investment and benefit, regular income, and some level of inflation protection. However, the decision to invest in a yield property must be carefully considered.

Our mission

Our mission focuses on advising investors by presenting solutions adapted to their needs. We identify high potential assets, and we maximize the investment’s yield /return.

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The research

With an extensive real estate network, Stone Partners sets up proactive prospecting to find properties that meet the expectations of its clients.

Stone Partners will solicit all its partners and the wherewithal to satisfy your request (internal networks, brokers, asset/wealth managers, real estate agents, notaries, publication networks, etc.) to find an asset (available or non-available on the market) that will perfectly fit your needs and your expectations.

After determining the property, Stone Partners will carry out a technical diagnosis in a real estate appraisal containing all the valuable information.

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A complete expertise

Stone Partners advises investors to start from a current situation and propose a projected situation. Therefore, we established a yield calculation based on the market, the possibilities offered by the property, the borrowing capacity, and the liquidity made available for the project to transform the acquisition into an investment.

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The acquisition

Following the expertise, Stone Partners may help you set up the financing of the asset thanks to our banking partners and offers others supports (notaries, tax specialists, lawyers, etc.) to complete this acquisition.

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The Investment optimization

Whether it is commercial or residential real estate, suitable investments projects are those in which there is still a shortfall. Often, the implementation of works significantly increases the revenues and the rental yield of real estate. However, monitoring these can be long and tedious.

Many real estate complexes (buildings, tourists’ residences, hotels) require renovations that would allow them to increase their overall income and have a better rate of return. However, time and expertise are required. Stone Partners will approach and organize the following to warranty investors time saving and the smooth progress of projects.

Core values of relationship

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